This is Visoedifica

For 12 years we have been helping our travelers with all types of visas, student, tourist, workers and others. We also provide services in the legal field regarding trips abroad. We provide all possible options for emigration programs to other countries. We will be happy to draw up and collect the entire package of documents and carry out the entire bureaucratic part for you.

Documents acceptance
Review, create a package of documents before sending, search for possible errors
Purchase of air tickets
Buying flights, booking a hotel or place of residence, to confirm your intentions to obtain a visa
Visa approval
We control the date of visa approval, we carry out all bureaucratic red tape
Granting a visa
By courier we hand over all your documents, tickets, visa, you are happy!

All in one place

In addition, we are also a partner of many travel agencies and airlines, which is a huge plus for people who need everything in one place, we just create a full-fledged package that you take and travel with pleasure. It is worth noting that we take the commission from buying air tickets or booking hotels, since being an intermediary, we provide advertising to our partners.

Our customers approve

Katherine Cruz
I had problems with documents, tried to apply for a visa for about six months, it didn't work out. Here I was first advised to get out of the situation as possible, and not just the manager but their legal adviser contacted. The result is that the problem has been solved, but not quickly, but I flew perfectly on vacation.
Anne Banks
I would like to note that I issued a visa remotely. Everything is simple here - the courier took it, after 16 days I just received a seal, and being already at the airport. Manager Sofia announced her readiness in advance and I was pleased to go to the airport!
Kathleen Anderson
I have already issued a visa more than once, here everything was issued quite quickly, constantly communicated with the manager regarding all the steps towards obtaining a visa, I liked everything.
Oscar Walton
We are a musical group, and for four years we have been cooperating with Visoedifica, everything has been debugged with us and all issues related to the passport control pass have been resolved, thank you.

Tariffs and prices

440€/per month
help in collecting a package of documents
we ourselves communicate with the embassy
manager's consultation
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610€/per month
we collect all the necessary documents ourselves
advise on all insurance
warranty in case of failure - a refund of 60% of the payment for our services
we ourselves communicate with the embassy
free shipping and shipping by our courier
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1200€/per month
all "Advanced Package" options
your personal guide advising you after arriving abroad
support on legal and political issues
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